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Ayurvedic system recognizes Human being to be made of body, mind & soul. Therefore while treating a disease as well, one should keep in mind the whole complex of mind, body and soul and not merely the physical body or the structural organs. The basis of the human body according to Ayurveda depends on three primary factors viz. Dosha (Humors) Dhatu (body tissues) and Malas(excretory products). We have the team of highly qualified & experienced doctors who are specialized in diagnosis & treatment of various male & female problems, Diseases, Counseling & Treatments. Clinics are well equipped with qualified & experienced Staff. AUK has the unique Ayurveda Research Centre to Provide incredible Ayurveda Treatment In all Skin Diseases Specially Designed the Treatment For Psoriasis And other Skin Diseases to get rid of these complicated Skin Diseases. Customer Relationship Management programme continuously monitors patient satisfaction rate-based on multiple parameters related to provide quality of service and treatment. Training systems for staff are also developed and implemented from time to time whenever required.

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