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Metabolism is a series of complex processes by which the human body converts food, water, and oxygen into tissue, energy, and waste products. It is a continuous process and goes on in every cell of the body. It comprises the breaking down of substances into simpler parts, and their shuffling and recombination into countless new substances that compose the body. For example, the carbohydrates are broken down by enzymes and acids and converted into pure sugar or glucose. The constructive chemical and physical process by which food materials are adapted for the use of the body is known as anabolism; and the destructive process by which energy is produced with the breaking down of tissues into waste products is called catabolism. The two processes together are called metabolism.

Ayurveda is known for having particular approach to recognize the root cause and the treatment for hypothyroidism by focusing on the person as a whole rather than just on a specific part of the body that has the disease. According to ayurvedic literature Hypothyroidism occurs because of vitiated Vata, Pita humours and Meda (Fat) tissues; so the focus in ayurveda is to balance these factors for healthy thyroid gland. With ayurveda Optimal thyroids functions can be obtain through diet, herbs, yoga, meditation and breathing exercise (pranayama). The Ayurvedic treatment of hypothyroidism is aimed at controlling the symptoms and treating the pathology of the disease to enhance thyroid functions. Principle fundamental of ayurvedic natural remedies for hypothyroidism is to first clean the blocked channels from toxins to balance Vata,Pita and kapha.

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