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Can you imagine your life without vision? We use our eyes practically each moment while we are awake, and so we need to give attention to eye health. Increased use of digital devices, pollution, chemical vapours, frequent use of cosmetics, etc. can cause irritation and redness in eyes. People who stare at computer screen for hours without taking a break can develop digital eye syndrome, which may lead to watering of eyes and even poor eye sight. You should therefore take some precautions such as wearing sunglasses when out in sun, wearing protecting glasses while using computer or even washing eyes with cold water often. Some special Ayurvedic therapies can also help you to Eye Care and treat your eye problems.

Each morning wash your eyes with cold water. Each morning upon waking fill your mouth with water and hold for a few seconds with your eyes closed. Spit it out and repeat 2-3 times. Blink your eyes about 7 times and give them a little warm up by rotating eyes from side to side, in both the directions, up and down. Maintain regular bowels. Protect your eyes from intense heat, wind, dust, smoke etc. Do not use too hot water during head bath. Too much of mental stress, anger, grief is also considered as harmful. Don't rub the area around the eyes, as it can be harmful. Avoid stimulants such as caffeine and alcohol before going to sleep. Of course good sleep is a must for healthy eyes. Eyewash with Triphala is advised on a daily basis. Soak 1 spoon of triphala in a glass of water over night, strain through a clean cloth and use. Apply 1-2 drops of pure cows? ghee in the nostrils daily in the morning and at bed time, this remedy will improve the eyesight as well prevent some.

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