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Healthy Pregnancy Planning!

Pregnancy and delivery are a rejuvenating experience in the life of a woman. During this beautiful phase, a woman requires great care from her family. Ayurveda, therefore, places an enormous emphasis that prescribes some rules important for every pregnant woman. It compares human conception to germination and sprouting and transformation into a sapling. According to Ayurveda, the downward moving energy is called apana vata, that supports the fetus development. During stress and fatigue, the upward moving energy, called prana vata directs through downwards to fulfill the fetal needs. There is an increased need of balanced diet with good nutritional value during pregnancy, any negligence or deprivation in nourishment may affect physical and mental growth of the foetus or either lead to miscarriage, premature delivery or an under weight baby. Here this article will benefit you in planning your diet accurately during pregnancy.

Ayurveda recommends a preparation period in the months leading up to conception. This time is spent on healing body, mind and spirit so your child can be conceived and carried in optimal health. Because childbirth is a natural process that significantly increases vata dosha, the more balanced you are at the start of this experience, the more balanced you will be during pregnancy and for the rest of your life. By working with the Hale Pule Team, you’ll identify and heal from patterns of eating and living that are not conducive to your constitution, and work through emotional barriers that play a role in your ability to conceive with ease. Many couples have used Ayurveda to overcome infertility challenges, avoiding drugs or invasive procedures and regaining a stronger sense of health and inner peace. By making small changes, you can rediscover the state of health you are meant to enjoy in order to support pregnancy and a balanced life after. When a mother’s body and mind are nourished and balanced during pregnancy, it paves a path for a smooth delivery, a balanced baby and a smooth recovery. Our package helps moms-to-be maintain an optimal state of health throughout pregnancy by minimizing or eliminating pregnancy symptoms and ensuring the baby receives the care it needs while in the womb.

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